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Weigh and cheat day. Check.

Lost 3.5. Happy with that.

Cheated sort of. Ate my calories in junk food. Didnt go over, just ate junk. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I didn’t just eat whatever.

Will catch up later today.

Having a yards sale- and my teen just got home for spring break!



This is WAR!

There ya go! I have decided that instead of calling this a wimpy ol journey, I am going to call this war. That’s exactly what it is. I am rescuing my health.

Okay so here is a picture from one of my all-time favorite movies Full Metal Jacket. Show me YOUR war face!!!


This goes in line with my inside out weight loss lesson for the day. I believe it’s lesson number 13, and we are covering first second and third lines of defense against overeating, cravings, weakness in general. So that is my work for tonight, to come up with my first second and third lines of defense.

I am having a good day, I decided to switch to higher protein breakfasts, stick to my salad in a jar for lunch, and have my nutri blasts for dinner. I had a 6 inch veggie max from subway for breakfast, a banana for snack, I will have my salad in just a few, and trust me – kale will not be a part of the nutri blast tonight!

This girl is on fire today. My mental is straight. I am so stoked to do my cardio tonight. I am going to borrow from the biggest loser, and I am doing my “last chance workout” tonight. I’m going to get in a 5 mile bike ride with the toddler.

After all that is done, I promise to show you my war face πŸ™‚

Well, dammit, I did it. Sans toddler. Went hard one hour 17 minutes. Cal burn- 771+. That’s generic because my dumb ass forgot to set my HRM. damn shame. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow is weigh day. Kinda nervous. But let’s see what happened.

I’m out.


30 minute really warm dual shower head shower with Shea moisturizer and motivating spa music. Heaven. Smooth, silky, delicious nutri blast. Heaven with a cherry on top.


Spinach, an avocado, banana, pear, a chunk of ginger.

March 13, 2013

I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so to me it is still March 13. πŸ™‚ Today was a pretty good day. I must admit that I did have a bit of a struggle mid day due to yet another crisis. But with a lot of tools, and willpower, I made it through!

My tools were: needing something to crunch on due to my reaction to said crisis. So, I went to the local popcorn store and got plain lightly salted popcorn at 60 cal a cup. Yes, I ate the entire bag – consisting of about 5 cups of popcorn. And I ain’t mad at that. It could have been so much worse!


I used some self talk, deep breathing, reciting “it’s only temporary”, got motivation from my teen, rerouted myself away from my go to spot for junk food, played feel good tracks, and took the tot to the park again.

My Nutri blast was a fail this morning. I used way too much kale , way too much water, and hardly enough fruit. It tasted like second hand already been chewed salad with a trace of banana in it. Not good. I seriously had to choke down half of it, and poured the rest out onto the mean streets of my city. The texture was horrid. I will never be a contestant on Fear Factor. My teen even suggested the hold nose tactic. No ma’am. Ain’t happen.


Instead of the rest of that liquid salad, I opted for some freeze dried bananas and strawberries at about 150 cal. You can buy these bags at 50 cal a bag from Circle K, 7-Eleven, convenience stores -places like that. The crunch was a bonus!

Dinner was on point. I had some delicious noodles, although not your typical kind of noodles – here is a picture. These things will get you through a noodle craving easily. Look at the calories per serving – 20! So of course I had the whole package, at 40 whole calories! I added 2 tablespoons of some delicious sesame seed teriyaki sauce from Trader Joe’s, and a serving of meatless chicken strips, and I was in business! 200 cals.


I wasn’t feeling exercise, but my tool for that is “just give me 10 minutes”, so that’s what I did – and I ended up making it through 35 minutes of a mixed cardio/weight lifting routine off of YouTube. After which I did some kid’s five-minute insane ab program. I must tell on myself now, and admit that I did scroll through several cardio programs and watch quite a few of the first few minutes of several weightlifting, cardio and Zumba programs before I even bothered getting off the sofa!! Ha ha ha.
But I did get up. My tot helped with that. Honestly, when she saw the lady on youtube pull out her dumbbells, she pushed me off the sofa – said “come on mommy, weights, weights”. So, what else was I to do?

So, one more day down! Here was my motivation for the day – hope you had a great one, and I hope you have a good day today too. Good night.


Off kilter, stood my ground

Good evening! I will try to keep today’s post brief. Day 12 started out on a good note, I decided to have what I call a purple rain. LOL. I like Prince, so I decided to see how many purple items I could put in my Nutri blast this morning.

Purple kale, purple grapes and blueberries (u know they turn all purple when blended). I threw in 10 raw almonds, flaxseed, Chia seed, and a banana just for a little sweetness. It was delicious! One of my favorites so far.


The morning went well, but by late afternoon I started feeling Cravey. Is that even a word? Well I just made it one if not! I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted, but I was not feeling my salad. I ate it anyway, and pushed through the feeling. I was dealing with some really stressful issues today.

On my steering wheel in my car, I wrote in red permanent marker “it’s only temporary”. That was my mantra until I got home. Both situations were handled nicely. I didnt roll my eyes, curse, or get my heart rate up! Yay for me. Watching that stress level!

Today ended up being a very beautiful and warm Arizona day. I couldn’t wait to get home to do my exercise. I decided on taking two of my three babies out for a stroll. My one baby is my toddler. My other baby is my new Trek bike. That was a gift to myself last summer. I have wanted a Trek for a while, since I had begun to get serious about cycling up until I found out that I was pregnant almost 3 years ago! With our surprise baby. The day before my positive pregnancy test, I did a 15 mile which was the longest ride I had never done, and I loved it!

The contraption on front is a wee ride. Lets the tot ride safely between my arms in her own seat.


Glad I stuck to my guns… Look at my 1 hour 2 minute calorie burn…


So. I’m going to keep on keeping on. Day 12 ended on a good note as well! whew! How was your day?

The biggest loser…

I have always wanted to be on the show. I think since season one. I saw the ad for it today on TV. It asked- Do you want to be a contestant on next biggest loser?

For the first time, I not only thought, but said out loud. No thanks. I’m good.


Monday, Monday! Feeling good.

Happy Monday. It’s almost over, but I am going to catch up on the last couple of days. I am watching the television show the biggest loser right now, and super excited to get this week started. How about you?

Watching the biggest loser is just another one of the tools in my box. I have so many snippets from here, there and everywhere: books, TV shows, quotes, pictures, audio shows, from almost anywhere you can think of. I use little tools every day from so many different places to get me through, sometimes minute to minute.

Here is just one of them:

Sunday was uneventful. I did what I was supposed to do, more importantly, I got to get a good peaceful nights sleep. That is so important.

I chose to take Sunday as my off day because I realized that I did a lot of muscle work anyway. Here’s what happened. I have a 25 pound toddler, and I live on the second floor. Over the course of the day, I went upstairs and downstairs with her in my arms or on my neck, a total of 22 times.

I worked, we went to three different grocery stores, we did laundry, we checked the mail, we dried laundry, we went back down to retrieve laundry, came back up to fold said laundry! πŸ™‚ You see where I’m going!

I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the floors, prepared salads in a jar for the week, and played in the floor with the toddler. Yeah, so Sunday was my day “off”.

I feel a tiny bit guilty for taking the day off. Although I know I’m supposed to have one to recover.

This morning is my 11th day on my journey. I hate saying journey, it’s so clichΓ©, everyone says journey, so what am I supposed to call it? I’ll come up with something artsy fartsy soon. Or you can help me?

I started with a nutri blend. Spinach, a banana, seven walnuts, an apple, and the best part of all making it my own version of Ben and Jerry’s chunky monkey: 2 tablespoons of organic Cacao powder.


Oh! Before I forget, although I know better, I was so tempted to get a bag full of these while they were still 0 cal! Wishful thinking.


I am really still loving the salad in a jar idea. Here is what mine look like, nothing extraordinary, but I’m super excited about the ease and saving money and time. I will venture into making my own salad dressing next week. Any good recipes? I am going along the lines of the vinegar-based, olive oil style dressings.


I had one of those today. My hand held vacuum works wonderfully. I didn’t have electrical tape, so I used regular packing tape. It works just as well. Tip: if you do buy a handheld, make sure to charge it for eight hours before using it or it will die on you.

I am going to do the weightlifting portion of power 90 today, and I’m going to get through the 200 set of abdominal work from power 90. For some reason my abs are big, but they are strong, and the 100 just doesn’t do it. I guess that’s a good thing!

My teenager is an inspiration as well today. She did her cheat meal yesterday, and today got right back on the horse! She lost 3 pounds last week. And has been in the gym several times last week. She has completely changed her eating habits. She had a great egg white breakfast with a side of turkey bacon and a whole-grain pancake. Oh, and orange juice. That’s pretty good for a 19-year-old.

Having a future naval officer boyfriend to work out with isn’t too shabby either. Today I was told he “kicked her ass”. As long as it’s in the gym, I’m a-Okwith that! Right on!

So, I will continue listening to my inside out weight loss program. I will read a little bit in my skinny bitches book. And I will see you tomorrow!

One more “oh yeah”, look what I’ve done – my sister across the country on the East Coast is also kicking her exercise program and eating right program in gear. I have one more friend onboard from California, and I’m looking for one more over on the East Coast. Miss CM, you know who you are πŸ˜‰ Who inspires you, or who have you inspired?


I love free!

Score! I just left a target in my area, it was the only one that had one food saver- the handheld kind -left. So I asked customer service to hold it and rushed right over. I have target mobile coupons for $10 off any food saver item. So target has these on sale for $16.99, with the $10 target mobile coupon that brought it down to $6.99. I found a manufacturer’s coupon online At the for $10 off any food saver item. So, essentially, no literally, my item was free! While I’m happy about that, I’m a little bit pouty faced because unlike some stores, target will not give overage. So I kind a lost four bucks, but I saved $16.99!


Also- the quorn products are B1G1 free! You can stack with a coupon which I didn’t have 😦 and get them for less!

Didnt make a blend today, I’m going to a vegetarian restaurant and having a light lunch with my toddler. πŸ™‚

Weights tonight, laundry, and the movie from red box (for $.49- always getting mobile deals) is The Intouchables

Going to LOVE it. A feel good movie.

Will post later. Tomorrow is rest day. Have a great day. And… Found this one this morning…


Playing catch up

I am going to update yesterday. I worked out last night, took a shower, drank my dinner (kombucha tea), and fell swiftly and deeply to sleep.

Yesterday was weigh day! I am so happy to say that I lost 6 pounds! I do know that this is some water weight, so I am looking forward to next week and the week after. Not to discount all of it, because – TMI here – it is that time of month. I always hold weight during that time. So, I feel good about this.

Yesterday was also my designated cheat day! Here is what happened. I weighed. Saw my 6 pound weight loss. Made my Nutir blast.


Side note: contrary to what the NutriBullet infomercial says, blasting the grapes with the stems on is not a good idea. My blend was delicious this morning, except for the fact that I kept on having to spit out pretty good sized pieces of stem. So loose the stem. Unless they’re fresh off the vine! πŸ˜‰

After making my blast I had to rush out of the door to go to work. I wanted to try on the “skinny jeans” that I bought a couple of weeks ago. They were uncomfortably snug. I resisted buying another size up, so I kept them. Well I tried them on just to see what would happen yesterday, and they fit. Nicely. Not uncomfortable when I sit down. So I immediately said cheat day be damned! I’m going to go ahead and push through this one, and reward myself monetarily one dollar for each pound this week.



It was cold here in the Southwest, so I wore a fitted longsleeve shirt, and didn’t look horribly bubbly or bad in my opinion.

In keeping with the inside out weight-loss program I’m also listening to By RenΓ©e Stephens on iTunes or off her blog (I posted a link previously) I am not going to limit myself to only salads and whole grains and water. I am going to have the occasional treat per se, but I’m going to do the calories in calories out approach, and instead of eating an entire bag of jellybeans, I am going to eat only 32 of them and relish each flavor of my favorite jelly bellies.

So, that is what I had for lunch. I had a balance bar, 32 jellybeans, 10 peanut butter filled pretzel bites, and a primal vegetarian meat stick.

That, along with my healthy snacks, and breakfast, left me with 67 calories for the rest of the night! That is why I decided to drink my dinner the Kombucha tea. Synergy makes the best that I’ve had so far, and I have tried about five different brands.

I did a nice long set of weightlifting with the barbell and dumbbells of various weights along with a DVD by Cathe Friedrich.

On the way home last night I stopped by CVS pharmacy and found this

20130309-140411.jpgElizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes perfume on sale from $15.99 to $3.99, so I decided that’s my treat for this week. It smells delicious! The White Diamonds that my grandmother bought me remind me to much of grandmas, so I have to put that one on the shelf for a couple more decades! πŸ™‚

That sums up my Friday. Today is day nine Saturday, March 9. I am just as excited to keep going. Oh! I wanted to re blog or let you know about my new salad idea. I didn’t make it up but I found it on a Facebook post of a friend of mine, Googled it (I don’t know how to re-blog her blog) so I will give you the link. It’s called salad in a jar. It looks like a great way to save time, and money. Saving time is big for me because washing all these fruits and vegetables take a long time, saving money is great for me because how often have I bought a bag of lettuce at the beginning of the week only to have a starting to turn brown by Wednesday?

The author of the salad in a jar says that once you vacuum seal the mason jars, the lettuce can last up to 14 days. But I am only going to buy enough for the week so I should be good! Check it out! What do you think? Here’s the link. There is also a lot more stuff out there on the Internet now. You can do this with almost anything.

Okay now, I promise that’s it. I will post my nutri blast for today, and probably post again tomorrow. Today’s going to be pretty boring nothing but being domestic- working, cleaning, enjoying time with my tot.


Spinach, celery, a pear, five frozen strawberries, watercress, flaxseed, five walnuts, goji berries.


Weigh day, cheat day.

Today is both of those. I am on the run right now, but I promise to post tonight. I think it’s quite interesting what happened today. Drama! Stress! Cravings! Mad calorie counting!!!


My favorite drink! This… Is dinner!!! πŸ˜‰

Learning. I’m in this, come with me

I have a lot to post today. I will be all over the place because I am typing on a phone. I will try to keep it orderly. πŸ™‚

Ok. For starters- It’s day six for me, and I’m still going strong. No wavering. I am looking forward to tomorrow which is weigh day.

This morning I listened to my inside out weight loss program Number nine. It is entitled “continuous improvement”. In it RenΓ©e talks about the concept or philosophy of kaizen. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but look for it and give it a listen, it is really good stuff.


This is now my home page on my phone. Credit to:

Another link I have in my reader :

Next: had a delicious nutriblast today to make up for the yucky one yesterday. I rushed out the door and didn’t get a picture, but the ingredients were- Avocado, spinach, watercress, ginger, half of a pear, half cup of mixed berries frozen, flax seed, and a banana.

I found a new snack that I am totally in love with. It’s an acquired taste, but for all its goodness, I can deal with it. It’s brown sugar and sea salt seaweed. This is my new candy!!!!! Yes!
See below. I’m on 1% and not going to get up to charge the phone as I’m icing my knees!

Work was good today, I drive for a living and get the chance to daydream and think a lot. Today I started thinking about the question that Dr. Phil made popular a while ago, and that is- “How is it working for you?” I began thinking about why being overweight or how being overweight is working for me. And without getting too deep into my psyche, I realized that I am just not happy. I have very little things around me that make me happy, and I don’t know if it’s an excuse or if it’s the truth, but I’ve always said I like food, and food makes me happy.

Today I decided to change that. I also decided to use the philosophy of kaizen to my advantage. Here is where some serious journal work comes in to play. Do you keep a journal?

Tonight after I worked out, to Kukuwa again, I decided to get on Netflix and see if there were any documentaries that were interesting. I found two. The first one is simply called “Happy”, and the second one is a National Geographic study called “Stress: Portrait of a killer”. Both were very good. I will incorporate these into my new journey.

This evening before coming home, I stopped by the use sporting-goods shop, and pleasantly found out that the used weights were $.25 a pound on sale instead of $.60 a pound! So that was a good thing. I bought my tot two 1 pound dumbbells coated in pink plastic, I bought oh 16 more pounds of weight for myself and dumbbells with quick release springs or whatever you call them.

One last link. Whether it’s true or false, I’ve seen this video a few times, and I am inspired by it. Bottom line, never give up.

Finally, Count your blessings – life is really not that hard. Try to de-stress, laugh a little, have compassion, try to be happy. Things really aren’t that bad. They could always be soooo much worse.

Got to go. It’s going to be a late night, the tot took a late nap from 6 PM until midnight!



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