Sleep be damned! Why I am dieting/grammar rant/the picture

I have more to add. And this is what happened… Well, first, I must say I am not in class, so my perfect grammar will be thrown out the window. i will use slang, I will use expletives, and I will use and abuse punctuation in ways they were not meant to be used. But, so what? Let the words count and let’s not nit pick about a typo or overlooked oxford comma. Tense. I will shift tense all the time. It was my worst mistake in school. Let’s agree to get over that, too. 

Ok, back to why I am back in the game. I took a picture using a self timer app and really looked at it. I looked like a question mark. One of the really curvy ones. From the side. Or a #8. I have a double chin, batwings, and hell- a double everything. And yesssss, I will post it tomorrow. And no. It will not have my face. I am not that brave yet. Perhaps later. When I am more comfy with that. Anyway. A picture is worth 1000 motivations. That and having to buy a size 22 when I was JUST in a 20 in JANUARY. Wtf?

Ok. Now sleep calls. Ready for Nutri Blast #5 tomorrow. Challenge: Put down the banana chips and drink more water. Banana chips, dried peas, now dried corn make me weak. Any ideas to quell those crunchy cravings?


About Violet

I am a dreadlocked mom of a teen and a tot, originally from the east coast, now living in the really hot- most of the time- desert. I am a "used to be" story. I used to be happy, a cyclist, a 100lb loser, a 30-something, a practicing Buddhist, and an all aorund smart ass and go getter. I gained 70 pounds back, my knee issues caught up with me, I relished in fast food, stress, lost my enthusiasm, and became jaded. I hated everything. Grump, grump. Well... I woke up from this coma and decided to take control and share that journey with you. So, here's to my next 40 years... come along, and feel free to dish it and keep me in check. I can take it! :)

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  1. hey i was also ten pounds lighter a MONTH ago so i totally understand. motivation for me is not being able to (comfortably) fit into any of my jeans, bras, or my shirts, without bubbling out all over the place. it’s also knowing that you’re ten pounds heavier than your BOYFRIEND. sigh. well you and me. let’s get right! good luck. you can do it 🙂

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