Playing catch up

I am going to update yesterday. I worked out last night, took a shower, drank my dinner (kombucha tea), and fell swiftly and deeply to sleep.

Yesterday was weigh day! I am so happy to say that I lost 6 pounds! I do know that this is some water weight, so I am looking forward to next week and the week after. Not to discount all of it, because – TMI here – it is that time of month. I always hold weight during that time. So, I feel good about this.

Yesterday was also my designated cheat day! Here is what happened. I weighed. Saw my 6 pound weight loss. Made my Nutir blast.


Side note: contrary to what the NutriBullet infomercial says, blasting the grapes with the stems on is not a good idea. My blend was delicious this morning, except for the fact that I kept on having to spit out pretty good sized pieces of stem. So loose the stem. Unless they’re fresh off the vine! πŸ˜‰

After making my blast I had to rush out of the door to go to work. I wanted to try on the “skinny jeans” that I bought a couple of weeks ago. They were uncomfortably snug. I resisted buying another size up, so I kept them. Well I tried them on just to see what would happen yesterday, and they fit. Nicely. Not uncomfortable when I sit down. So I immediately said cheat day be damned! I’m going to go ahead and push through this one, and reward myself monetarily one dollar for each pound this week.



It was cold here in the Southwest, so I wore a fitted longsleeve shirt, and didn’t look horribly bubbly or bad in my opinion.

In keeping with the inside out weight-loss program I’m also listening to By RenΓ©e Stephens on iTunes or off her blog (I posted a link previously) I am not going to limit myself to only salads and whole grains and water. I am going to have the occasional treat per se, but I’m going to do the calories in calories out approach, and instead of eating an entire bag of jellybeans, I am going to eat only 32 of them and relish each flavor of my favorite jelly bellies.

So, that is what I had for lunch. I had a balance bar, 32 jellybeans, 10 peanut butter filled pretzel bites, and a primal vegetarian meat stick.

That, along with my healthy snacks, and breakfast, left me with 67 calories for the rest of the night! That is why I decided to drink my dinner the Kombucha tea. Synergy makes the best that I’ve had so far, and I have tried about five different brands.

I did a nice long set of weightlifting with the barbell and dumbbells of various weights along with a DVD by Cathe Friedrich.

On the way home last night I stopped by CVS pharmacy and found this

20130309-140411.jpgElizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes perfume on sale from $15.99 to $3.99, so I decided that’s my treat for this week. It smells delicious! The White Diamonds that my grandmother bought me remind me to much of grandmas, so I have to put that one on the shelf for a couple more decades! πŸ™‚

That sums up my Friday. Today is day nine Saturday, March 9. I am just as excited to keep going. Oh! I wanted to re blog or let you know about my new salad idea. I didn’t make it up but I found it on a Facebook post of a friend of mine, Googled it (I don’t know how to re-blog her blog) so I will give you the link. It’s called salad in a jar. It looks like a great way to save time, and money. Saving time is big for me because washing all these fruits and vegetables take a long time, saving money is great for me because how often have I bought a bag of lettuce at the beginning of the week only to have a starting to turn brown by Wednesday?

The author of the salad in a jar says that once you vacuum seal the mason jars, the lettuce can last up to 14 days. But I am only going to buy enough for the week so I should be good! Check it out! What do you think? Here’s the link. There is also a lot more stuff out there on the Internet now. You can do this with almost anything.

Okay now, I promise that’s it. I will post my nutri blast for today, and probably post again tomorrow. Today’s going to be pretty boring nothing but being domestic- working, cleaning, enjoying time with my tot.


Spinach, celery, a pear, five frozen strawberries, watercress, flaxseed, five walnuts, goji berries.



About Violet

I am a dreadlocked mom of a teen and a tot, originally from the east coast, now living in the really hot- most of the time- desert. I am a "used to be" story. I used to be happy, a cyclist, a 100lb loser, a 30-something, a practicing Buddhist, and an all aorund smart ass and go getter. I gained 70 pounds back, my knee issues caught up with me, I relished in fast food, stress, lost my enthusiasm, and became jaded. I hated everything. Grump, grump. Well... I woke up from this coma and decided to take control and share that journey with you. So, here's to my next 40 years... come along, and feel free to dish it and keep me in check. I can take it! :)

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  1. omg, you look different from your before photo already ❀ thanks for the nice words about me πŸ˜‰

  2. Love your writing style, easy to stay engaged!! Keep up the good work, I know it is hard to stay motivated!!

    • cynthiamegan, thank you so much! i cheat and use text to speak, so it’s almost like i’m having a conversation rather than composing! thanks for the motivation… i’m coming to look for ya when i hit my first plateau!!! πŸ™‚ take care…

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