March 13, 2013

I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so to me it is still March 13. 🙂 Today was a pretty good day. I must admit that I did have a bit of a struggle mid day due to yet another crisis. But with a lot of tools, and willpower, I made it through!

My tools were: needing something to crunch on due to my reaction to said crisis. So, I went to the local popcorn store and got plain lightly salted popcorn at 60 cal a cup. Yes, I ate the entire bag – consisting of about 5 cups of popcorn. And I ain’t mad at that. It could have been so much worse!


I used some self talk, deep breathing, reciting “it’s only temporary”, got motivation from my teen, rerouted myself away from my go to spot for junk food, played feel good tracks, and took the tot to the park again.

My Nutri blast was a fail this morning. I used way too much kale , way too much water, and hardly enough fruit. It tasted like second hand already been chewed salad with a trace of banana in it. Not good. I seriously had to choke down half of it, and poured the rest out onto the mean streets of my city. The texture was horrid. I will never be a contestant on Fear Factor. My teen even suggested the hold nose tactic. No ma’am. Ain’t happen.


Instead of the rest of that liquid salad, I opted for some freeze dried bananas and strawberries at about 150 cal. You can buy these bags at 50 cal a bag from Circle K, 7-Eleven, convenience stores -places like that. The crunch was a bonus!

Dinner was on point. I had some delicious noodles, although not your typical kind of noodles – here is a picture. These things will get you through a noodle craving easily. Look at the calories per serving – 20! So of course I had the whole package, at 40 whole calories! I added 2 tablespoons of some delicious sesame seed teriyaki sauce from Trader Joe’s, and a serving of meatless chicken strips, and I was in business! 200 cals.


I wasn’t feeling exercise, but my tool for that is “just give me 10 minutes”, so that’s what I did – and I ended up making it through 35 minutes of a mixed cardio/weight lifting routine off of YouTube. After which I did some kid’s five-minute insane ab program. I must tell on myself now, and admit that I did scroll through several cardio programs and watch quite a few of the first few minutes of several weightlifting, cardio and Zumba programs before I even bothered getting off the sofa!! Ha ha ha.
But I did get up. My tot helped with that. Honestly, when she saw the lady on youtube pull out her dumbbells, she pushed me off the sofa – said “come on mommy, weights, weights”. So, what else was I to do?

So, one more day down! Here was my motivation for the day – hope you had a great one, and I hope you have a good day today too. Good night.



About Violet

I am a dreadlocked mom of a teen and a tot, originally from the east coast, now living in the really hot- most of the time- desert. I am a "used to be" story. I used to be happy, a cyclist, a 100lb loser, a 30-something, a practicing Buddhist, and an all aorund smart ass and go getter. I gained 70 pounds back, my knee issues caught up with me, I relished in fast food, stress, lost my enthusiasm, and became jaded. I hated everything. Grump, grump. Well... I woke up from this coma and decided to take control and share that journey with you. So, here's to my next 40 years... come along, and feel free to dish it and keep me in check. I can take it! :)

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