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I’m still here

I will be moving into my own space in the next month. Seriously, Hang tight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I will be on a mission when I have my own place and my #1 motivator for the summer to help me. This will continue. I am not done. Slow and steady wins the race. Have made food changes. Small ones. Freeze dried fruit instead of cookies or candy. Smaller meals. Water. I will get there. Once the negativity is gone, I can get in a clear place and my home will be my sanctuary, a place of safety. That will make all the difference for me.

Stay tuned. And keep your eye on the prize. I have big plans for me! What are yours?



…as in, starting from. Square 1. At the get go. At jump street. Yeah. 249.999999999999999999 again.

Today was a good mental day. Prepared. Made good food choices. No ready for the blender. Need better groceries for that. Shopping tomorrow.

Spent last 4.5 hours in the er with the tot to make sure her fingers aren’t broken. Car door. 😦 freak accident. Not so bad. Good spirits. Bending them. Skin not broken. Laughing and playing with dad at this point after a nap.

Back to the issue at hand. Moving forward. Not looking back. Learning from mistakes and taking steps to ease my stress.

No. Sock is not dirty. It’s a shadow. 😉


Down but not out…

Biggest enemy in this war? The insurgent- STRESS. For me, it comes on the form of a person I live with. Soon will be moving away from. But said person definitely adds to my stress load to the point where it makes my will lower crumble, and seems to annihilate all the weapons in my arsenal.

This person won. Was on my side in this war, but fell off hard, and I allowed to go with. Not to put all the blame on the enemy, but it’s quite strong. It’s also difficult when I have no support.

This person is my pusher. Misery loves company. Take a break. You’ve worked so hard, now reward yourself. It’s just one slice, get back on tomorrow. We’ll start on the first.

I get sucked into this, and all the junk food that starts to creep up into the pantry.

**** Medic!!!!! ****

So instead of letting this go for another year, I am self-correcting – and getting back on board myself. I’ve done a little bit of research, and I found how to say no to your pusher man.

I am making small changes, slowly getting rid of the junk food that has taken over the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets. Changed my mental track, and I started riding my bike to de- stress at the end of the day. Music is also a great de-stressor for me.

Ambient, tribal, electronica. Makes me feel good. No references. Just pure music, sound, flow. Deep Forrest and Bonobo are my fave go to artists lately.

So, I will weigh Monday. I prefer Mondays. Keeps me straight during the weekends! Instead of a “cheat” day, I will have a “treat” day. A day I will have ONE treat and then back on program.

I have been eating too much fast food. And I feel it. My guts are bloated, I’m perpetually tired, skin is erupting. Been sick- immunity down, and body is just out of whack.

I recognize this, and I’m picking up the pieces, and pushing forward. Lost one battle, didn’t lose the war.

Need more feedback. Any and all comments are wonderful. I’m always better when I know I’m being watched. 🙂 kind of like big brother keeps me accountable.

See u Monday. Cleaning today, groceries tomorrow. Weighing Monday. Posting Monday.

How do you face stress? What brings you back? Motivators?

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