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Nothing beats a fail but a try

I’m at it again. Listening to inside out weightloss again, episode 1 and 2. I have been eating well since the 1st.

Simple changes. No fried, no fast food, no convenience store snacks, only water to drink, flavored water, and smoothies i make. This is not a problem. I’m not a soda person.

I did not lose any weight since last check in, but I did not gain any either. Same exact weight to the half pound! So I KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN!!! Lol. Just let me get to goal and I’m good!

How are you?

Hot enough where you are? Talking about 107 for the high this weekend. But it’s a dryyyyyyy heat. 🙂 Arizonans say that. It’s true. And I’d take it over humidity any day.

I am working on my self esteem. I want to borrow from Pink. I am bent but not broken…

Got rid of the old man who was suffocating me. That is a plus. Live in my own space and got my bike back he borrowed. Now i can exercise without irritating my knee!!!

More to come. I’m in that zone again. Help me stay there!

Ta ta.

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