Fitbit vs bodybugg

Had bodybugg for my last major Weightloss before the baby… Loved it.

Did some research and decided to give the smaller, more features having, can shower with it fitbit a try.

Results in a week. Cool gadget. $100.

Will see if it tracks cals burned as well as my polar hrm. A little rough to put on and a lot of small pieces. Pro is its Bluetooth connection with smart phone. So I can launch the app and know where I am instantly.

Good day. Clean eating. I’m on a roll. Keep up the momentum.

Quit sugar, most carbs, starch… No more cravings. That’s nice. 3 days and done.


For fun… Me at 177 from 283.



About Violet

I am a dreadlocked mom of a teen and a tot, originally from the east coast, now living in the really hot- most of the time- desert. I am a "used to be" story. I used to be happy, a cyclist, a 100lb loser, a 30-something, a practicing Buddhist, and an all aorund smart ass and go getter. I gained 70 pounds back, my knee issues caught up with me, I relished in fast food, stress, lost my enthusiasm, and became jaded. I hated everything. Grump, grump. Well... I woke up from this coma and decided to take control and share that journey with you. So, here's to my next 40 years... come along, and feel free to dish it and keep me in check. I can take it! :)

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