Good news!

Hello anyone out there!

I have had a wonderful last two weeks. I started the Atkins diet again, for the second time in my fat life. Since July 8 I lost 14.5 pounds. That’s about the average. Nevertheless, I am super excited about that. I have started to incorporate exercise into my plan.

My teen and I joined a gym last week. I’ve started doing Zumba again with crazy modifications so as not to injure my poor arthritic knees. Regardless of the modifications, based on my heart rate Monitor – I burned 799 cal. Not too shabby 🙂

We have also started cycling again – we went on a wonderful one hour night ride on the local university campus which was barren of all kids pedestrians and otherwise. I completed a 28 minute bike ride today between jobs at work and burned 400 cal all in the 100° Arizona sun. All I had to do was make sure I was hydrated!

Finally, I returned the Fitbit last week and ordered the bodybugg once again. The bugg is now called BodyMedia link I believe. It’s the same contraption the biggest losers wear. I had one back some five years ago perhaps, and although it’s outdated – it still works.

But the newer model works on Bluetooth – and that’s just so much more convenient. I opted for the newer link model so that it would work with my iPhone 5. I’m super excited about its delivery tomorrow and can’t wait. Sometimes the grass is not greener.

That is about all for me – I am going to eat clean on induction still for the next two weeks. That is my goal – and my reward is a pair of split sole aerobic shoes for Zumba class with a Pivot patch! What in the world? But I’m excited about them -so that’s that 🙂


About Violet

I am a dreadlocked mom of a teen and a tot, originally from the east coast, now living in the really hot- most of the time- desert. I am a "used to be" story. I used to be happy, a cyclist, a 100lb loser, a 30-something, a practicing Buddhist, and an all aorund smart ass and go getter. I gained 70 pounds back, my knee issues caught up with me, I relished in fast food, stress, lost my enthusiasm, and became jaded. I hated everything. Grump, grump. Well... I woke up from this coma and decided to take control and share that journey with you. So, here's to my next 40 years... come along, and feel free to dish it and keep me in check. I can take it! :)

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