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So far so good

I have been away a while. August is going along fine. Slow and steady wins the race. Got that from a biggest loser. Forgot what season or who.

I have used a lot of mental helpers lately. All been working.

Cravings- “it’s only temporary”. I wrote it on my steering wheel. My cravings happen in certain parts of the city where I have to drive by.

For August- down 6 I think so far. A total of 25 since July 8.

Slow and steady.

A plateau. Broke it by carb loading.

I’m zumba queen! Go almost every night. Even with a bad knee.


Susan powter- “modify. Modify. Modify”. And I do. But I work it when i don’t have to modify! Sweat!!!

Inches going. Everything but my spandex is loose! Lol.

How are you?

What mental quotes or self talk do you use?


July was productive

Lost 18.5 pounds since the 8th.

I’m really back on board.

Feeling this from the inside out.

Quick post- I’m ready for August. Have goals set. 12 pounds. Just hard work and cals in cals out.

Knee holding steady.

May be ready for some muscle work.

Happy fitness y’all!

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