Still on fire if anyone is out there

Been doing well! Sticking with eating plan, and mostly loving exercise.

Short post- life’s been busy.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…


And last night…

Definitely motivated. Zumba still 3-4x a week.

Loving it! Knee is stronger. Been to goodwill for smaller clothes.

And— not because of the weightloss, but I’m excited to report that I have a new love interest.

Life is good. Happy. Stress free.

Get you some!



So far so good

I have been away a while. August is going along fine. Slow and steady wins the race. Got that from a biggest loser. Forgot what season or who.

I have used a lot of mental helpers lately. All been working.

Cravings- “it’s only temporary”. I wrote it on my steering wheel. My cravings happen in certain parts of the city where I have to drive by.

For August- down 6 I think so far. A total of 25 since July 8.

Slow and steady.

A plateau. Broke it by carb loading.

I’m zumba queen! Go almost every night. Even with a bad knee.


Susan powter- “modify. Modify. Modify”. And I do. But I work it when i don’t have to modify! Sweat!!!

Inches going. Everything but my spandex is loose! Lol.

How are you?

What mental quotes or self talk do you use?

July was productive

Lost 18.5 pounds since the 8th.

I’m really back on board.

Feeling this from the inside out.

Quick post- I’m ready for August. Have goals set. 12 pounds. Just hard work and cals in cals out.

Knee holding steady.

May be ready for some muscle work.

Happy fitness y’all!

Body media LINK! And Zumba

Yayyyy! It’s here, charged and in use! My bodybugg arrived. And I already ordered—-received a custom skin. A Prince symbol and the words Rude Girl.

Cause P inspires me in so many ways. Besides being the god of guitar and sexiness, he’s conscious, a vegan, gives back to the community, and tries to learn about the meaning of this crazy world. Anyway. He called himself rude boy years back.

But Rihanna has a song with it in it, I love her dancing and style, so the two together fit me and motivate me.

Ate on plan.

Zumba for 50 minutes. Knee holdin up. Going to buy glucosamine if I can find a carb free liquid. Anyone?

That’s all. Sleep has been awesome. Stress level low. Lovin life!

I’m on fire this time! Because I know. I know how it felt at 177 and I want that again. I will have it. Soon enough.

Just keep showin up— that’s half the battle. Yes?


This never posted. So I’m down 17 pounds and love my bodybugg. Skin came in.


Good news!

Hello anyone out there!

I have had a wonderful last two weeks. I started the Atkins diet again, for the second time in my fat life. Since July 8 I lost 14.5 pounds. That’s about the average. Nevertheless, I am super excited about that. I have started to incorporate exercise into my plan.

My teen and I joined a gym last week. I’ve started doing Zumba again with crazy modifications so as not to injure my poor arthritic knees. Regardless of the modifications, based on my heart rate Monitor – I burned 799 cal. Not too shabby 🙂

We have also started cycling again – we went on a wonderful one hour night ride on the local university campus which was barren of all kids pedestrians and otherwise. I completed a 28 minute bike ride today between jobs at work and burned 400 cal all in the 100° Arizona sun. All I had to do was make sure I was hydrated!

Finally, I returned the Fitbit last week and ordered the bodybugg once again. The bugg is now called BodyMedia link I believe. It’s the same contraption the biggest losers wear. I had one back some five years ago perhaps, and although it’s outdated – it still works.

But the newer model works on Bluetooth – and that’s just so much more convenient. I opted for the newer link model so that it would work with my iPhone 5. I’m super excited about its delivery tomorrow and can’t wait. Sometimes the grass is not greener.

That is about all for me – I am going to eat clean on induction still for the next two weeks. That is my goal – and my reward is a pair of split sole aerobic shoes for Zumba class with a Pivot patch! What in the world? But I’m excited about them -so that’s that 🙂

Fitbit vs bodybugg

Had bodybugg for my last major Weightloss before the baby… Loved it.

Did some research and decided to give the smaller, more features having, can shower with it fitbit a try.

Results in a week. Cool gadget. $100.

Will see if it tracks cals burned as well as my polar hrm. A little rough to put on and a lot of small pieces. Pro is its Bluetooth connection with smart phone. So I can launch the app and know where I am instantly.

Good day. Clean eating. I’m on a roll. Keep up the momentum.

Quit sugar, most carbs, starch… No more cravings. That’s nice. 3 days and done.


For fun… Me at 177 from 283.


I’m back. For the duration.

Hit 253.5

Decided to take drastic measures!

Went back on Atkins. Did it in 2005 and lost 80 lbs.

Soooo… Stats…

Atkins start July 8, 2013

8 253.5
9 250 -3.5
10 247.5 -2.5 / -6
11 246.5 -1/ -7
12 244.5 -2/ -9
13 244.5 -0/ -9
14 244 -.5/ -9.5
15 242 -2/ -11.5
16 242.5 +.5/ -11
21 goal 235

Found my “after” pic from jan 1, 2009. 177 lbs.

Lets get there again.


Nothing beats a fail but a try

I’m at it again. Listening to inside out weightloss again, episode 1 and 2. I have been eating well since the 1st.

Simple changes. No fried, no fast food, no convenience store snacks, only water to drink, flavored water, and smoothies i make. This is not a problem. I’m not a soda person.

I did not lose any weight since last check in, but I did not gain any either. Same exact weight to the half pound! So I KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN!!! Lol. Just let me get to goal and I’m good!

How are you?

Hot enough where you are? Talking about 107 for the high this weekend. But it’s a dryyyyyyy heat. 🙂 Arizonans say that. It’s true. And I’d take it over humidity any day.

I am working on my self esteem. I want to borrow from Pink. I am bent but not broken…

Got rid of the old man who was suffocating me. That is a plus. Live in my own space and got my bike back he borrowed. Now i can exercise without irritating my knee!!!

More to come. I’m in that zone again. Help me stay there!

Ta ta.

Hello, is this thing on?

Hi anyone who’s “listening”. Well, I am one step closer to being stress free and having access to a pool (great workout) and fitness room at my new apartments. I will be moving in the next week to 30 days. Depends on a few things.

I am still making small changes. I have re-incorporated salads into my diet. That’s good, and I have taken a vow to ease up on FAsT food.

No more new developments. I will weigh tomorrow morning since I missed today and have already downed much water!!!

I’m still here

I will be moving into my own space in the next month. Seriously, Hang tight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I will be on a mission when I have my own place and my #1 motivator for the summer to help me. This will continue. I am not done. Slow and steady wins the race. Have made food changes. Small ones. Freeze dried fruit instead of cookies or candy. Smaller meals. Water. I will get there. Once the negativity is gone, I can get in a clear place and my home will be my sanctuary, a place of safety. That will make all the difference for me.

Stay tuned. And keep your eye on the prize. I have big plans for me! What are yours?

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